“BoomerangFX is an easy and convenient way to keep track of patient data, staff efficiency, and financials. The ability to view premade reports as well as extract data for custom reporting has been very helpful in improving the quality of care as well as growing the practice. The ability to add multiple providers and locations as we grow has been of great value. In addition the quick tech support allows us to be nimble and quickly respond to any issues that may arise. Perhaps one of the most useful features is the ability to track and input referrals and referring sources. It is nice to be able to keep a handle on marketing efforts and see where to properly allocate time and resources. That alone has paid for itself multiple times over. I would recommend BoomerangFX to any practice who takes their data capture and use seriously.”

Scott Melamed, PRO MDHealth
User since May 2015

Amy Zebrowski, ZMD Centre
User since January 2018
“We adopted the BoomerangFx more than a year ago and even if we don’t use all its multiple  applications, we love the system. It is very user friendly and visually pleasant, the color codes allow for a quick identification of categories of treatment, the multiple reports give very useful information on all aspects of the daily work, from scheduling and accounting to statistics and patient retention. The system is extremely versatile and easily customized for the specific needs of the clinic. In conclusion, this system has become an essential tool in our practice and it goes without saying that the switch from our old system has been a success!”

Médecine Esthétique Dr Yves Hébert, Yves Hébert, MD
User since April 2017
“We have been using Boomerang for the past few months. My staff finds the system very easy to use.   It is easy to add and keep track of inventory.  The accounting processes are very intuitive.  The Boomerang support staff is wonderful.  They respond quickly.  They have implemented changes I asked for that were specific to my business.  We have really appreciated the personal attention.Although they are still developing some things, we really enjoy using Boomerang.  With the soon to be added features of appointment reminders and credit card processing, I can’t imagine a better system for our needs than this one.”

Michele Owens, InShape Medical, PLLC
“I’ve had experience going to Dr.Mulholland’s workshops in the past. I think he’s a brilliant, not only businessman, business manager, but he’s also a very good physician, he does excellent work. I bought his book on how to manage and grow an aesthetic practice, and it’s been very beneficial. I think that one of the best things he taught me is that you’re not the doctor for every patient. That you basically want a patient that understands what you’re delivering, appreciates what you’re delivering, has consistent and realistic expectations.”

Dr. Z. Catherine Navarro, Vein Center of the Palm Beaches
“I’m, by training, a family doctor in Illinois, and I got really interested in aesthetics about 5 years ago. How I met Dr.Mulholland is I came to a talk when he was in Chicago, talking about what it’s like to have an amazing practice like he does, and how passionate he is about his practice, so that was really catchy to me. I went up to him after the talk, at the time I was still in family practice, and I just asked, “How do I get to where you are?”. He thought about it for a little bit and he just said, “You just have to do it! You just have to start going to conferences, listen to other doctors talk, and start pursuing your dream.” And that’s what I did. When my contract expired in the hospital I was working with in June 2016, I opened up my own medical spa on June 20th! So, I’m really happy and appreciate everything he did to spark that little fire inside of me to do something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Dr. Nicole Norris, Nicole Norris MD Medical Spa
“We just opened up a practice, Renaissance MD in California, so the more information the better. Listening to Dr.Mulholland was just really helpful because he gave us a lot of marketing tips, all the medical jargon about lasers, and he’s really passionate about what he does, and told us about all the tools you can put into your toolbox for aesthetics.”

Dr. Shazia Hyder
“BoomerangFX practice management software is a tremendous addition to our practice. The software has given us the ability to easily track the patients who are due to come back for their aesthetic treatment maintenance and to add additional treatments to accomplish their appearance goals.The patient increase in treatments has increased our existing patient revenue by over 25%. Additionally, the improvement in our patient’s experience is real and we’re seeing them at least one more time each year, and often times many more times depending on the treatment add-ons Boomerang helps to facilitate.

One of our growth strategies is adding new treatment programs to our practice each year. Boomerang helps us know which patients to contact and inform them about the new treatments that they might have an interest in. This adds additional opportunities for meaningful patient contact that our patients appreciate.

And there’s one more advantage that Boomerang provides. It’s ability to track new patient sales and staff treatment upgrades for patients saves me 2-3 hours every pay period over our old system. With 26 pay periods every year Boomerang has given me over 2 more weeks of time to treat patients every year that I didn’t have before it became part of our practice. I’ve been able to generate another $40-50,000 with the time Boomerang has saved me on administration tasks.

Dr. Mulholland told me when I purchased Boomerang that he was going to give it all back to me by increasing our practice’s income. We recovered our purchase costs in less than three months and now it’s returning its cost to us every month. Keep this benefit a secret so he doesn’t raise the price. But is just an additional reason why I feel Boomerang is one of the best deals in the aesthetic medical industry.”

Shonda Chase RN, MSN, Aesthetic Director, Revive Wellness Centers