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End-to-end practice management solution.

Take your practice to the next level with the most advanced management and marketing solution on the market.

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Industry leading practice management and marketing.

BoomerangFX is more than Practice Management Software.

End-to-end lead system
Action all your emails, calls, and texts in one simple dashboard.
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Patient retention
Email and SMS marketing automation to keep patients coming back.
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AI-powered lead gen
Fill your calendar with patients from high quality AI-generated leads.
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Fully Integrated AI-Powered Lead Generation and Management

Premier practice management and digital marketing solution for the aesthetic medicine and private pay industry.

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Complete practice management suite.

Optimize and grow your practice in a complete practice management and digital marketing solution.

Manage your time more efficiently
Focus on your important tasks
Track your team's progress
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Fully integrated end-to-end lead system.

The only system with integrated lead generation and management with automated nurture marketing,

Automated Email/SMS
World-class marketing automation at your fingertips.
Lead Management
See all your incoming emails, calls, and texts in one place.
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AI-powered functionality.

Our AI-powered features will help you make better business decisions and outsmart your competitors.

Smart lead management
Conversion optimization
Marketing and retention
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Ready to Optimize Your Business’ Top and Bottom Line?

Drive leads. Improve conversion. Optimize profitability.

Boomerang Run


Essential Package

Lead nurturing
Lead engagement
Manager dashboard
Fully secure platform
24/7 Premium support
Automated email and SMS
Enterprise level security
Advanced security and functionality for peace of mind.
Retention management
Keep your clients coming back to you consistently.
Machine learning powered features to help you succeed.

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Is the platform cloud based?
Yes. BoomerangFX is hosted by Rackspace® and is entirely cloud-based. So all you need is an internet connection, and you can access the software from anywhere, 24/7.
What are the security features?
BoomerangFX software resides on our Virtual Private Server (VPS), managed by Rackspace®, and is entirely secure. It has a multi-level encryption firewall that surpasses anything in the industry, in addition to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
What is the onboarding process?
Data exports can be completed by your clinic and or an IT specialist. Once we receive this data, we will upload it to BoomerangFX hosted on Rackspace® Virtual Servers on the cloud.

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