• What are some of the important features of a scheduler?
    A scheduler must allow the client service representative to enter the prospective patient demographic information (name, age, date of birth, address, gender, credit card information) including, if possible, cell phone, email and referral source. A simple one click option for future contact authorization including promotions and specials should be available.

    The software should be simple for the staff to create an appointment, a consult, a treatment and link the patient to the resources being deployed, including staff, equipment and treatment room. The scheduler should also link the patient to the accounting functionality including credit card, which may be required for a consultation.

    Other standard and important features of the scheduler include the ability to customize and color code the various treatment types, consults and follow-ups, to facilitate quick engagement categorization of clients at a glance.

    Like all features of med spa software and/or cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery software the user experience should be easy to learn, quick and simple to use.

    The font size and font itself should be able to be customized to the needs of the user and controlled by the software administrator of the med spa and/or cosmetic, Or plastic surgery clinic Within the software code needs to be the feature of being able to move or change appointments easily and effectively. The scheduler is critical to identify at all times the patient’s status, lead, consult or treatment, arrival of a patient, whereabouts within the clinic and, importantly delinquency for any appointment or treatment time that is missed.

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