• What is meant by CRM or customer retention management modules?
    Most if not all, medical spa and cosmetic plastic surgery software will provide the standard features of scheduling, invoicing, accounting and inventory management. However, what separates the most effective Med Spa and cosmetic plastic surgery software, is the robust and easy to deploy CRM (customer retention management), or PRM (patient retention management) features and modules. One of the most critical and affective elements of a successful med spa and cosmetic plastic surgery business is the ability to retain patients over prolonged periods of time, where they are purchasing the necessary maintenance treatments to protect the aesthetic benefits you achieve for them, and, of course, purchasing other services, more and increased amounts of the same service, sending friends, family and acquaintances and engaging in your loyalty programs, expressing ambassadorship, by supporting your practice in business on reputation management sites. It is the ability to track, identify, reach, engage to facilitate this client/patient behavior that is one of the most important economic engines of your business.
  • What is the retention module?
    It is essential that your practice management software have a very robust, automated and software amplified retention module. What this means is that the software tracks a patient’s appointment and treatment and links this treatment with an expenditure from that client in the accounting software with the generation of an invoice and issuing of a receipt.

    At this point the software knows what treatments your patients have done and how much they spent. During the critical setup feature of your software, the authorized software administrator simply enters when that particular clinic needs to see their treatment categories back for maintenance treatment. When the software arrives at the specified date within the scheduler and accounting code, it will identify when the patient was to have undergone their maintenance treatment but have not purchased that maintenance service and that patient is then, by definition and the algorithm delinquent. The software should create a list of delinquent patients that can be searched and sorted by procedures, delinquency duration and other variables. By reviewing your retention reports you can generate lists of Botox, dermal filler, and/or energy-based treatment clients that have failed to purchase the prescribed maintenance treatment and reaching out to these delinquent patients, either by outbound phone call, email and or text message to notify the patient of their delinquency. During this outbound retention activity, your clinic can secure and schedule the recommended maintenance treatment, discuss additional amounts or quantities of that treatment, offer other cross merchandise services at the time of the maintenance treatment and update the patient's customer loyalty points program and even suggest online ambassador activities on reputation management sites and linking these activities to the points program. This kind of robust and interrelated CRM functionality is the beginning of the backbone of optimized and software tracked and amplified profitability.
  • What is the cross-marketing module?
    Just as your medical spa software and/or cosmetic plastic surgery software allows you to relate a patient to purchased services and software notification of retention, your software can then also identify and target specific services certain categories of patients have not ever performed or purchased. By tracking patients as a function of retention and also as a function of services not yet performed and reaching out to these patients, one can offer beneficial adjunctive services and other treatment categories to your same database. The cross-marketing feature allows you to improve the patient’s appearance with additional of other synergistic or disparate services and increasing the “check average” or “average selling price” of each patient visit. This is the same strategy deployed by other successful retail services, such as Starbucks, which aims to sell you not just a specialty coffee, but a food item as well.
  • What is the importance of tracking a referral source?
    As is outlined in the marketing power of med spa software, tracking how a patient, or prospective patient found out about your business, the cost of this marketing effort and linking this to the expenditures of the patient, can allow you to measure the return on investment of your marketing efforts.
  • What is a Universal Search software feature?
    As your business management skill set becomes more sophisticated, you can start to subdivide and target market untapped and underexploited segments of your patient population. The universal search feature links all the back-data sets within your software. These data sets, or tables of variable including age, gender, treatment dates and date ranges, services performed, dollar amounts spent and allows you to customized queries and search features to find unrecognized opportunities for internal marketing and sales. The ability to enter and query search criteria, such as women between 25 and 55 years of age, who have purchased Botox and laser hair removal, for example, but have not yet purchase a soft tissue or dermal filler procedure can allow you to identify potential internal database sales opportunities for dermal fillers (or other services) from your own patient database of happy customers. This elegant feature will allow the clinic manager to constantly stay ahead of cash flow and meet their profit and loss statement performed the plans for growth and profitability.
  • What is the Projected Sales software feature?
    During the set-up of the software, the practice manager will be asked to enter variables such as lead conversion rate, consult conversion rate and ASP, or average selling price. By going into the Projected Sales feature and entering Projected sales for a specified period of time, the software will generate the likely topline sales number by adding up all the scheduled treatments and consults and factoring that category ASP. By knowing at the beginning of a week or month, your probable Sales, it will motivate the manager to begin a number of retention list, cross marketing list and any special Universal Search queries and put someone on the phones calling these clients to come in an see a extra nursing shift you schedule for that coming week. By constantly, using the software to optimize your retention and cross marketing efforts you can optimize your sales from existing patients. Add to this the unconverted lead and unconverted consult nurturing and outbound email, text and phone call conversion strategies you can optimize and amplify your sales from current leads, consult and purchasing customers.
  • How important is a software-based Customer Loyalty Program?
    In the modern retail environment, Customer loyalty programs are an important element of business success, especially in the med spa and cosmetic plastic surgery space. Your med spa software and/or cosmetic plastic surgery software should possess a specific customer loyalty program that links the patients purchasing activities, online reputation management behavior, client referral activities and link these to a point-based customer loyalty program. The medical spa practice administrator and/or cosmetic plastic surgery clinic manager should also be able to customize and control the thresholds of the rewards value of the loyalty program.
  • Should your Med spa, cosmetic medical practice software have an Ambassador's Module?
    A practice Ambassador is one who spreads the “good word” and opinion they have of the practice to other potential patients. An Ambassador module will allow the practice administrator/manager to track those patients that refer other potential patients to the practice and reward those referring patients through the customer loyalty program. Additionally, this module will allow the practice to identify those patients which have NOT yet referred patients and reach out to these clients and request this referral activity and outline the benefits to the patient through the loyalty program.
  • Should your software also have a Reputation Management module?
    The most effective and modern med spa software and/or cosmetic plastic surgery software platforms should have a reputation management feature. The software can identify those patients that have experienced a positive outcome in their service experience with your clinic and the software can reach out to these patients to request the client to post on a rating site, such as Google plus, Facebook, Real Self, Yelp and Rate MD.

    It is very important that this software utility sort out those patients that are truly happy with your services, from those that may not be happy, as you do not want to shorten the distance between an unhappy patient and a negative posting. However, once you identify the “yes patients”, or those clients that would say yes to “were your happy with your services today”, you can reach out these “positive experiencers” and engage through outbound automated email or text message, with the necessary links to the specific rating sites you are focusing on. Your software should track those patients than that have proven to be positive posters. Just as important as the ability to identify those patients with negative experiences and for they can go online and post these negative experiences they should be able to provide a selected major experience feedback form to the clinic manager, who can then reach out an attempt to recapture and salvage the patient happiness and service outcome experience.
  • What is the managers Reporting Module and what reports are important?
    The central nervous system of a successful practice is the data that it measures, tracks and reveals through reports that are easy to generate and allow effective management decisions to be made as a result of these reports. Some of the very important reports that are needed to effectively manage and grow a medical spa and/or cosmetic post-surgery practice, include the following.

    Sales by Category: This report allows a practice to pull up a sales report showing the revenue generated from specific categories, in order to have a better understanding of your practice's revenue streams. This report easily facilitates identifying business needs and areas of growth opportunity. Each category displayed shows not only the dollar amount generated but also the percent contribution to the top line. The categories are ranked in the report from highest contribution to lowest contribution to your top line.

    Conversion overview report: Running a successful business requires a thorough analysis of lead conversion data and it can’t be done without tracking conversion metrics. Conversion metrics are the most important key performance indicators as they display a measurable value that shows the progress of a company’s business goal.

    Sales by Service provider: In order to manage overall sales performance, the manager must analyze staff sales productivity. Sales performance can easily be tracked through the use of the sales by service provider report. Based on this analysis the company can see at a glance who is not producing the expected results and create a plan on how to improve the sales culture and discipline.

    Coupon ROI Reports The Coupon ROI report in boomerang makes it easy to determine the success rate of any marketing plan you put forth in your practice. This report easily displays the overall performance of all of your marketing plans while taking into account your costs, so you can determine your return on investment after incurred expenses.

    Consult to Treatment Stalled & Quotes on table: Consultants spend valuable time introducing your practice, discussing products and services, qualifying a prospect, conducting product demonstrations, answering questions or formally presenting a pricing proposal. Often practices spend so much time, effort and money perfecting the art of attracting and booking clients that they lose sight of those whom we invested so much time in but did not close to a sale.
    The consult to treatment stalled and Quotes on table reports both are significantly important in identifying clients that were not closed and can potentially lead to more revenue!

    Projected Sales: This report gives your practice insight into potential sales and allows you to make decisions in the moment that will impact your top line. Sales projections also enable marketing and other functional departments to create their budgets and plan projects.
  • What is the conversion cascade?
    The conversion cascade is essential to the CNS of your reporting package and is the is the conversion of one contact stage to the next on their journey through your clinic and experience of your patients. It is important to remember that there are only six links in this chain of success. One only needs to be 15% better at each of the 6 links to be almost 100% more effective, profitable and successful than your competitor.

    The 6-conversion links are
    1. Awareness to lead
    2. Lead to consult
    3. Consult to treatment
    4. Treatment to re-treatment\maintenance
    5. Maintenance to other services\cross merchandising
    6. Treatment to Ambassadorship, reputation management and customer loyalty program.

    A successful practice will identify the conversion rate at each these 6 links and when the conversion rate is unacceptably low, there is the implementation of a specific set of policy and procedure changes to increase the conversion rate of that stage. By focusing on these individual stages of conversion, optimization tactics and strategies one can effectively dissect what seems to be large and unwieldy business operation into small and manageable segments. By optimizing each conversion stage, one at a time, one can eventually in aggregate's, significantly improve the profitability of the business and the patient's “stickiness” and loyalty to the practice.
  • What is the “Rule of Eights”?
    The best run medical spa and cosmetic plastic surgery businesses convert at 80%, or greater, at each of the 6 links of success. By focusing and managing improvement and optimization of stage conversion, one can improve the profitability of the practice significantly without spending more money on the new lead acquisition. Ultimately when the 6 links of success are converting well, each at 80%, any marketing dollars spent will result in the greatest return on investment and optimized profitability.

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