Developed for professionals by a world renowned plastic surgeon.

Features and Benefits

  • Cloud-based online platform
  • Multi-location, multi-provider scheduler
  • Powerful CRM Tool
  • Call-tracking, call management center
  • Full private accounting features
  • Inventory management system
  • Treatment tracking modules
  • Full patient retention management module
  • Built-in ambassador/patient loyalty program
  • HIPPA/PIPEDA compliant AAA security encryption
  • Full suite of compliance documents/forms and consults
  • Detailed, customizable management reporting
  • 99.9% guarantee server internet option
  • Easy database migration module
  • Ongoing free software upgrades at no extra charge

Introduction to BoomerangFX

What is BoomerangFX?


Easily manage orders, vendors, inventory, deposits and billing. Assess ROI at every level of practice.



Handle multi-provider and multi-office schedules. The ability to access everywhere makes follow-up efficient and reduces no-shows.



Comprehensive CRM and marketing automation solutions that track, manage and convert inquiries into paying patients.

  • What is medical software?
    Medical software is a software program designed to optimally, efficiently and effectively run your medical practice. Typical medical practice software is more managed-care focused and will often have elements that are more directed towards third-party insurance payments and receivables, in addition to the standard features of running a medical practice. Alternatively, aesthetic medical software, med spa software and cosmetic plastic surgery software is a software program more scaled and efficiently designed to run a cosmetic medical practice, which is prominently cash based, non-insurance and the success resolves revolve around strong customer retention management features.
  • What is med spa software and/or cosmetic plastic surgery software?
    Med spa software and/or cosmetic plastic surgery software is a more specialized, refined and directed software package that focuses on optimizing the cosmetic patients experience, with focus on customer retention, cross merchandising, loyalty rewards and fostering ambassadorship along with, the standard software driven tools such as scheduling, accounting, documents and form management, inventory management, and electronic medical records.
  • Who is a good candidate for purchasing med spa software and plastic surgery software?
    A good candidate for aesthetic practice management software is an owner, or manager of a med spa or cosmetic plastic surgery practice that is focused completely on a cosmetic medicine, with cash payments and invasive and or noninvasive procedures. Good candidates for purchasing aesthetic practice software understand the vital importance of tracking, measurement, analysis and exploitation of key performance indicators in the business to enhance efficiency and profitability of the practice. In addition to enhancing efficiency and profitability, good med spa software and cosmetic plastic surgery software will facilitate improvement in the delivery of your services, tracking performance of your employees and enhance the compensation formulas, staff bonuses and human resources aspects of your business.
  • Why do I need med spa software and or cosmetic plastic surgery software?
    In order to run an effective, efficient and profitable cosmetic plastic surgery practice or med spa business, you need software that acts as the central nervous system of that business and empowers you to measure track improve optimize and leverage all components of your business.
  • What are some of the features of med spa software and/or plastic surgery software that a physician or med spa business owner or manager should look for?
    When searching for a software package that will be able to effectively enhance your ability to operate your cosmetic business, you want to look for software that has a combination of features including effectiveness, ease of implementation and use, easy upgrade pathways, HHIPPA and SSL privacy certification, specialized patient retention and optimization features with a strong and easy to navigate management reporting package.
  • Should my med spa software, or cosmetic plastic surgery practice software be land-based, or cloud-based?
    The vast majority of software has moved to a cloud-based system. There are always fears as a physician owner, or business owner, or manager of a small aesthetic medical enterprise around privacy and protection of your patient’s health care information and banking information. Land-based software systems have the advantages of the owner operator, be it physician or business person, maintaining some degree of control over the firewall, security features and database backup functions. However, most Internet and cyber experts would agree that local, land-based networks and software systems generally have access to a inferior quality of firewall and security protection and may place patient or client health care records and banking information at greater risk of theft and violation. With the advent of “software as a service” (SAS) and large cloud-based vendors and repositories of database hosting such as Rackspace®, Microsoft Azzure®, Amazon® and others, small and large healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, health care networks and clinics, as well as large banks and insurance companies have moved their business operations to cloud-based enterprises. For the small plastic surgery practitioner, med spa owner, or owner of several small medical clinics, generally, there is a far greater degree of healthcare information protection and cyber assault protection with these larger cloud-based hosting sources that have superior tools to combat this ongoing threat.
  • What are the healthcare privacy advantages of a cloud-based hosting service?
    Large Cloud based hosting services such as Rackspace, Microsoft, TigerTech, Amazon, and others, are that they have invested substantial amounts of money to ensure optimal protection of healthcare data and financial records. The degree of sophistication of this firewall and hacking protection substantially exceeds that required by HIPAA law and other international jurisdictional privacy laws. In addition, once you own a piece of the cloud-based hard drive space, you can purchase additional security software over and above that provided by the cloud-based hosting vendor to enhance the protection of your healthcare information and financial data. Companies such as SECURI, can provide enhanced and optimized firewall and database protection. No matter where and how you host your med spa software, or cosmetic plastic surgery software there will always be risks of cyber-attacks, hacking into your systems and database breach it is just that the larger cloud-based hosting systems provide the greatest degree of protection for small healthcare owners.
  • What about database backup and risk of database loss?
    Software coded algorithms means there is always the risk of database loss and, thus the time-consuming and disciplined nature of database backup to mitigate the risk of database loss. Another advantage of cloud-based software management is date base back ups. The cloud-based companies have a backup feature offered by the hosting services with multiple backups of the database on a daily basis are often a feature of your cloud-based med spa and plastic surgery software minimizing the real fear of database loss.
  • What about the unreliable Internet connectivity in running my med spa and or plastic surgery software that is Internet and cloud-based?
    In this day and age of modern Internet connectivity, the ability to run a very stable and predictable Internet connection is the backbone of any business. The large fiber cables and direct feeds from today’s Internet providers in virtually any urban and suburban environment ensure virtually 99% business Internet uptime. There does however, need to be a plan for when, in the extremely rare and unlikely circumstance, there is not Internet provider services. Tracking manually, or locally on a non cloud-based server, any changes to the database including new leads, changes in lead, consult our existing customer status, new scheduled appointments, treatments and bookings. These non-cloud-based emergency “old-school " operational features virtually never occur in the modern era but, should be anticipated and planned for. When the Internet is back up from your provider, usually very quickly, any changes in customer or database status is again manually input it into your cloud-based med spa software and or cosmetic plastic surgery software, so you are up and running.
  • What are some of the core operational features that you should look for in med spa software and plastic surgery's software?
    The following is a summary of some of the key features that a med spa owner, clinic manager and or plastic surgery, or cosmetic dermatology practice owner, should look for in the management software dedicated to a purely aesthetic practice.

    1. Scheduling
    2 invoicing and accounting
    3. Resource scheduling and management
    4. EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
    5. Inventory management
    6. Forms, documents and photo storage and management
    7. Patient retention management and optimization
    8. Strong management reporting package.
    9. Strong security that exceeds the existing healthcare privacy laws.
    10. Database backup automation.
    11. Automated software updates.
    12. Easily executed implementation pathway and database migration.
    13. Automated online, affordable and effective staff training and update training.
    14. The ability for customized live user and vendor interface training.
    15. Aesthetic practice management and marketing support tools.

    Each of these features and functions can be critical to the success of your med spa business venture and/or aesthetic plastic surgery practice. We will follow up on each of these items individually and flush out the salient and important features that aesthetic medical software owner should look for.
  • What is inventory management?
    An important function of managing your medical spa and/or aesthetic plastic surgery business, is the ability to track your inventory of disposables and consumables such as Botox, dermal fillers, skin care to other disposables of the practice, including laser tips and plastic surgery disposables such as sutures, and other consumables of surgical procedures. Imposing a bar scanner on all disposable inventory with a minimum and maximum ordering system, can help you control and predict your inventory and should be part of your cosmetic plastic surgery software and or mints both software.
  • What is the value of a bar scanner?
    In the modern era, the bar scanner has become an important tool in business operations. Bar scanners allow you to affix inventory pricing and item numbers to retail products, disposable products, loyalty cards and coupons that can be scanned with an hand held infrared device and will be input directly into your accounting and inventory software. This will allow you to automatically measure and track sales and services, retail products. The utilization of inventory becomes an important part of your med spa software and/or cosmetic plastic surgery software.
  • Is electronic medical record records a critical element of your med spa software and cosmetic plastic surgery software?
    Although it is not legally required in North America to use electronic medical records for a purely cosmetic medical practice, that does not engage in insurance patient care, EMR can certainly be an efficient way to run an aesthetic medical practice. However, EMR does require extensive and efficient coding and vigilance staff training to ensure it is efficient and effective. The use of EMR should not compromise the documentation of the patient, the medical surgical history and treatment records, when compared to traditional paper charts and records and should be available on the tablet, for deployment in real time, within a treatment room are consultation office.
  • What is the special notes section of your Med Spa, cosmetic surgery software?
    Your med spa software should allow easy to access area of patient interface call “Special Notes”, that can document features, characteristics and needs of your patients that are available for all meds spa and plastic surgery cosmetic surgery staff to review.
  • Should you store your patient photos within your meds spa software and plastic surgery cosmetic surgery software?
    Storage of large digital files and video files can take up an inordinate amount of hard drive space. There are also now available several special imaging software applications that function on their own, that also come with patient photo and imaging storage capability. Most efficient cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas take patient before and after photos and perhaps procedure photos and store this data locally, on hard drives that may operate the photo imaging software. Final before-and-after's that are compressed and patient identification photos that are compressed, can be stored within your cloud-based med spa software and or cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery software.
  • Should my med spa software contain all my informed consent documents, information documents and patient instruction documents?
    Effective and efficient aesthetic practice management software should allow you to store all relevant patient documents that are required to run and operate your business.