• Is BoomerangFX fully cloud-based?
    Yes. BoomerangFX is hosted by Rackspace® and is completely cloud based. All you would need is an internet connection and you are able to access the software from anywhere, 24/7.
  • What type of internet connection will I need to run the program?
    BoomerangFX requires minimum of 5 Megabit downstream connection and 1 Megabit upstream connection in order to work efficiently. The client is required to have a static IP address.
  • What type of security features does BoomerangFX have?
    BoomerangFX software resides on our personal Virtual Private Server (VPS), managed by Rackspace® and is completely secure. It has a multi-level encryption firewall that surpasses anything in the industry.
  • Can SpaMedica, or anyone else, access my data and patient information?
    Absolutely not. The only company/people that will have access to your data and patient information will be you and specific employees within your clinic. In the set up of Boomerang you will be able to grant access to any employee to have access to certain modules of the program. From editing invoices and having access to reporting modules, to accounting features, to adding patients, and so on….
  • Will BoomerangFX be able to track patients?
    Yes. BoomerangFX is a very robust program. It is an efficient and powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that includes a Client Retention Module. In reflection of the name of the software, Boomerang, whatever leaves the doctor’s hand should come right back. That philosophy is the crux of the software. All patients are tracked based on the type of treatments they have had, their age, and what they have spent at your clinic. The software reminds you when these patients/clients should be coming back to your clinic based on whatever parameters you would like to set.
  • What is a Cross Marketing Module?
    The Cross Marketing Module is a very important component to the program for increasing revenue. It allows you to search patients that have done a facial treatment of a certain type, for example Botox and that have not done Fillers. BoomerangFX allows you to track these specific patients and invite them to try other treatments that your clinic may offer. This allows you to always be in contact with your patients and help generate income via other avenues in your clinic.
  • Does BoomerangFX keep track of inventory?
    Yes there is an entire module dedicated to keeping track of your inventory. When setting up the software you will be able to add any product into the system that you desire. As well as your cost and the retail cost of the product.
  • How much does BoomerangFX cost?
    BoomerangFX is a subscription based service and is $350 USD per month. Set up and migration fees have been waived. With a 12 month commitment, you will get one month free.
  • What type of support will I receive if I purchase the software?
    You will receive 24 hour support with our integrated ticketing system. Simply click on the support icon on your personal “Home” screen and input the issues that you are having. Your account manager is only a call away, and you will have 24/7 access to online training videos. Automatic updates and upgrades are be available for software.
  • I am currently using another program and would like to use BoomerangFX for my clinic. How do we transfer existing data and patient lists to your program?
    Firstly your Data and Patient lists are your property. You will have to export that information to an excel spreadsheet in SQL format. This export will be done by your clinic and or an IT specialist. Once we receive this data we will be able to upload it to BoomerangFX on hosted on Rackspace® Virtual Servers on the cloud.