Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Medical Practice | BoomerangFX

Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Practice

Video Marketing According to the Content Marketing Institute, “43% of B2C marketers say that pre-produced video is the most successful type of content for marketing purposes.” Which makes a lot of sense, as video streaming platforms have increased significantly over the last decade. With Cisco projecting that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be Read More

How to Turn Leads into Patients in 5 Steps | BoomerangFX

How to Turn Leads into Patients in 5 Simple Steps

Turning leads into patients is a vital part of any medical practice. Sometimes, however, this process can feel almost impossible. By breaking the conversion process into small steps, turning leads into patients can easily be mastered by any aesthetic clinic.   1. Create Your Brand Prospective patients need to see your office and remember the Read More

What Key Features Should an Aesthetic Clinic PMS Have? | BoomerangFX

What Key Features Should an Aesthetic Clinic PMS Have?

A modern aesthetic clinic, such as a cosmetic practice or medical spa, no longer has to make just any Practice Management Software (PMS) work. There are many PMS systems made specifically for this type of practice, however, they are not all the same. A cosmetic clinic or medical spa should choose a PMS with the Read More

Practice Management Software (PMS) Benefits for your Medical Practice

Benefits of having a Practice Management Software (PMS) System for your Aesthetic Clinic

In today’s aesthetic practice, there is almost nothing that cannot be taken care of electronically, from scheduling and coding to billing. Automation can make things simpler and faster. However, unless your office is utilizing an integrated software system, that encompasses every online task, you may not be maximizing efficiency and the effectiveness of your office. Read More

How BoomerangFX's CRM Feature Can Boost Your Medical Practice

How BoomerangFX’s CRM Feature Can Give Your Practice a Much-Needed Boost

What is Customer relationship management (CRM)?  Customer relationship management (CRM) is an advanced algorithm designed to better manage your aesthetic practice’s current clients and potential patients. A good CRM will give the relationship with your existing patients a boost by streamlining automation, increasing sales, and upping profits. The algorithm takes data on your existing clients, Read More

BoomerangFX: How It Came To Be

After seeing the impact the software had on his practice, Dr. Mulholland expanded the platform so he can share with other practices, giving them the ability to customize for their individual clinic. With a built in CRM, BoomerangFX provides avenues to push new leads to your practice and retain patients. About BoomerangFX: The industry’s most Read More