Tech Tuesday: Jillyn Johnson

Tech Tuesday: Jillyn Johnson

It’s #TechTuesday! This week, we turn the spotlight on Jillyn Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, at BoomerangFX. Jillyn’s a seasoned digital marketer with more than two decades of experience in the aesthetics and elective medical surgery sector. She’s comfortable around databases and has a data-driven mindset. This, coupled with her background in computer engineering, and her intuitive grasp of clients and their businesses, makes Jillyn a prized asset to BoomerangFX. Highlights of our chat with Jillyn:

A celebratory moment at work:
There’s something to be celebrated every day. Some days, it’s the little things: data analysis that proves a point, our team beating their KPIs, a meeting that hits all the right notes with the client.

A professional highlight of your career that you’re proud of?
Back in my software days of Y2K, I was named the project “champion.” That has remained with me.

What interests you about the tech industry?
I love telling a story with data, automating solutions, and seeing the trends of progress.

A momentous life experience:
Recently, I was invited to speak on stage alongside Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a world-renowned leader. It was transformative.

A piece of career advice:
Understand that you can learn from everybody, no matter what role, level, or experience.

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